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Shannon Goldberg_My Title Gal on the Real Deal Arizona Podcast Hey hey! Welcome to Episode 3 of the real deal Arizona Podcast, I am your host Tara Meier and if you didn’t already know, I am a realtor with North&Co Real Estate by Trade here in Arizona and have been licensed since 2012 and have been in the business since 2002. Today I have an industry colleague with me, Shannon Goldberg but you may know her as My Title Gal with Grand Canyon Title! She is a Sales Executive and is super savvy when it comes to all things in the realm of social media and video as it relates to marketing. She helps lenders and real estate agents build their businesses online through social channels. She has recently started teaching a series on social sales and has a ton of knowledge not only for people in the real estate industry but small business owners in general. Here she shares some tools and tricks to help increase your online presence and reach, and in turn grow your business.

As promised, I’ve got a slew of links to some of the apps Shannon shared along with her contact information in the show notes. So If you have questions on anything we discussed here please feel free to reach out to either of us through any of the channels listed there.

And before I go I wanted to ask the audience WHO IS USING ALEXA FLASH BRIEFINGS?! I just recently stepped into the world of Alexa and it’s been super fun but I am definitely NOT using it to its full potential just yet. I don’t have any flash briefings set up but Shannon, if you’re listening - YOU WILL BE MY FIRST!

I’ve included instructions on how to find activate Shannon’s My Title Gal Minutes to get you started. From what I understand the process by which to search, explore and discover more of the Alexa flash briefings is in its infancy but I do look forward to hearing more and sharing how it evolves here in the near future.

Shannon's Phone/Text - 602-819-2261 - Email:

Links mentioned in the podcast:

South Mountain Trails

Downtown Chandler

InShot App - Edit Videos is available on Google Play and the App Store

Feedly - Content Curation

Trello - Organization & Project Management

My Title Gal Minutes on Alexa

Note: To enable the flash briefing simply follow the link to Amazon and click "enable". For more details on how to set up Alexa Flash Briefings visit